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Mount Pleasant Sexual Assault Lawyer

Fighting Sex Crimes Accusations in Michigan

Similar to the charge of domestic violence, Michigan’s law on sex crimes has also been changed dramatically in recent years. Virtually all the defendants’ past conduct is now admissible.

One of the most damaging parts of the law is the social stigma attached to the Sexual Registration Offender Act (SORA). A conviction can result in registration (and reporting four times a year) for 25 years to life. Experienced attorney like Jeffrey D. Lynch have actually tried these cases, and can help you.

Allegations of sexual assault can threaten your future. A conviction carries serious and lifelong consequences. At Jeffrey D. Lynch, P.C., we offer the experienced and aggressive defense you need to combat the charges against you. Our accessible attorney will work with you, one on one, to design a defense strategy to fit your situation. To schedule a fee initial consultation with one of our Mount Pleasant sexual assault attorney, call 989-546-4486, toll free at 888-339-4768.

Our Criminal Defense Practice

Our firm was established to serve central Michigan clients. Our clients benefit from the reputation we have in area courts for strong and knowledgeable representation. Prosecutors know that when we make a claim, we have the skill and dedication to back it up. We have extensive courtroom experience and we are always prepared to proceed to trial when it is in our client’s best interest.

Michigan Sex Offenses

In Michigan, there are four degrees of criminal sexual conduct. All four degrees carry the potential for years in prison and registration as a sexual offender. Whether you are accused of sexual penetration (rape) or illegal sexual contact, a conviction will require you to comply with the Sexual Offender Registration Act (SORA). This act is often difficult to understand, and you will be subject to further criminal penalties if you fail to register or otherwise do not comply with its provisions.

In addition to sexual assault, we represent clients with other sex-related offenses. From Internet solicitation to indecent exposure, we can help you present a strong defense in Michigan courts. To speak with one of our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer, call 989-546-4486, toll free at 888-339-4768.