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Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Law, Family Law Attorney in Mount Pleasant

Legal troubles can be stressful and confusing when you have nowhere to turn for advice. At Jeffrey D. Lynch, P.C., we help our clients work through their legal concerns with attentive and knowledgeable representation. From our offices in Mount Pleasant, we serve clients throughout central Michigan in criminal cases and their family law issues. Schedule a free initial consultation with us by calling 989-546-4486, toll free at 888-339-4768.

The Importance of Accessible Legal Service

Whether you need a Michigan criminal defense lawyer or a divorce attorney, you will have questions throughout the course of your case. We work hard to remain accessible to our clients. We return phone calls promptly and work one on one with you. This close, personal attention helps us understand your goals and concerns and design a strategy to meet your needs.

Addressing Your Unique Situation

With more than 35 years of experience, we know what it takes to get results. We provide solid, honest advice and aggressive representation. We are well-known in area courts, and our credibility allows us to work efficiently for our clients. If an acceptable agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, our opponents know we will not hesitate to proceed to trial.

Mount Pleasant DUI/DWI Defense Attorney

Since our firm was founded, most of our practice has been devoted to criminal defense. Whether you are facing drug charges or a drunk driving charge, you need an attorney with the skill and experience to protect your rights. Criminal penalties can be harsh. Do not hesitate to speak to Jeffrey D. Lynch as soon as possible.

Contact our offices at 989-546-4486, toll free at 888-339-4768, to schedule your free initial consultation today.